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Amber Heard’s sister claims Johnny Depp grabbed actress by hair, repeatedly whacked her in the face

Day after Amber Heard was questioned in regards to her allegations of assault against ex-husband Jonny Depp, her sister Whitney Henriquez on Wednesday testified how she witnessed an argument between them at their penthouse in March 2015. She let the jury know that Johnny had repeatedly hit Amber in the face after she stopped him from hitting Whitney.

As per Variety, Whitney shared how Amber and Johnny were shouting obscenities at each other. She said when Johnny ran up the steps and hit Whitney in the back, Amber smacked him, saying “Don’t hit my f***ing sister.”

“Johnny had already grabbed Amber by the hair with one hand and was whacking her repeatedly in the face with the other, as I was standing there,” she said.

Amber and Johnny must be separated by the security guard and Whitney took Amber to her apartment and locked the entryway. Outside, she said she could hear Johnny shouting, “I f***ing hate you! I f***ing hate you both! You f***ing c***s! You f***ing wh***s!”

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