Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint Keycard: How To Obtain Keycard In Far Cry 6?

Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint Keycard: In Far Cry 6, the keycard for the Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint can be challenging to find, and in rare cases, players may not even have it. Twenty-six military checkpoints can be located and captured for various in-game benefits. Check It Out is a trophy/achievement player can get by catching all ten checkpoints.

There are many challenges to solve in Far Cry 6, such as the “A Rising Tide” treasure hunt or locating keycards for military checkpoints. Located on Madrugada’s western side, the Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint ranks 13. The keycard is required to access the stockpile at the Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint. However, due to a glitch, it never appears in the game.

A variety of goodies can be found in Far Cry 6, such as Criptograma chests and FND caches. At the checkpoint in Aguda Cliffs, there is a shack with an FND cache. Instead of appearing on one of the foes, the keycard appears on a nearby object.

The keycard is shaped like a blue key and comes with a long, purple lanyard. Though the keycard is often required to get the loot at checkpoints, there are alternative routes to the Aguda Cliffs FND stash.

aguda cliffs checkpoint keycard
Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint Keycard

How To Obtain The Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint Keycard In Far Cry 6?

In Far Cry 6, military checkpoints are packed with attackers. Therefore players are advised to enter with the finest weaponry at their disposal. Players must first clear the area around the Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint of enemies before they can locate the keycard to the shack guarding the FND cache. It’s on a roadblock made of concrete that’s opposite the closed hut.

Unfortunately, some gamers will not receive a key due to a glitch in the game. Without the key, gaining access to the FND cache at the Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint will require players to use brute force. Dani can get to the valuables inside the hut by using a grenade or rocket launcher to blow the door off. A player can prevent harm by waiting for the fire to quiet before entering the house.

The FND crate contains valuable items that players can use in their quest to complete the objective. Far Cry 6’s Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint keycard has some issues, but gamers who want 100% completion on the FND cache collection can get past these issues differently.

Access to this hidden chest can be gained by either finding the keycard in the area or using explosives to blow the door off. Far Cry 6 has various puzzles for players, such as the “Cache Money” treasure hunt and the Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint.

You can get Far Cry 6 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and PC.

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