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These days, you may play video games from any device—a home console, gaming PC, online stream, smartphone, or tablet. For many, setting up new devices with games is a top priority in order to kill time while waiting in line for a doctor’s appointment, sitting on the couch, or during the morning commute.

But on occasion, a trivial little phone game might last for hours on end. Check out the list below for the most compelling apps and games for your iPhone or Android device. Good luck attempting to accomplish anything else!

AFK Arena

If you take the game’s name at its value, AFK Arena(Which Opens in a new window)is an idle RPG where you can level up and gather loot even when you’re not at the keyboard. Gather heroes and bolster your armies to defend the realm from a legendary evil. Join guilds, engage in player conflict, or carry out your epic mission.

Angry Birds 2

Now that the Angry Birds brand has spread so widely, it’s difficult to find a game that doesn’t appeal to mobile players. However, we like to comply with the standards. Angry Birds 2(Opens in a new window) provides everything an Angry Birds game should: destroying evil pi with birds.


Do you recall the venerable arcade game Breakout? The game’s gameplay isn’t exactly copied in Ballz(Opens in a new window), but it does follow some similar rules. You must utilize your collection of balls to break the various blocks you have to break. It is an entertaining and engrossing diversion.

Brawl Stars

A mobile-first battle royale game called Brawl Stars(Which Opens in a new window) focuses on 3v3 action across various game modes. Obtain distinctive skins, finish tasks, gather treasures and power-ups, unlock and upgrade new characters, and explore new areas.

The Saga of Candy Crush Friends

The candy-swiping and matching action of Candy Crush Friends Saga(Which Opens in a new window) is still present, but Friends Saga also features updated graphics and new gameplay that incorporates the series’ characters. Improve your play using our advice manual.

Road of Color

Control a rolling ball while collecting balls of the same color and avoiding balls of various hues in Color Road! (Opens in a new window). But as you advance, the level of difficulty quickly increases.

Do you need a good party game?

In a game called Draw Something, which is similar to Pictionary, one person draws, and the other players must guess what the word is meant to be. A commercial version (iOS(Opens in a new window), Android) (Opens in a new window) of Draw Something Classic removes advertisements from the app for $2.99. For $4.99, you may download Draw Something Pro for iPad(Opens in a new window).

Epic Match 3: Empires & Puzzles

To provide a straightforward yet intricate tactical gaming experience, this game(Which Opens in a new window) blends RPG combat, card collecting, base-building, and match-3 gameplay. Epic combinations, hero leveling, looting, crafting weapons, and resource farming are all things you can do. Players can engage in PvP competitions or take part in online raid fights.

Free Flow

In the tranquil puzzle game Flow Free(Which Opens in a new window), you must match pipes and colors such that the entire board is covered. The program has a time trial play option in addition to hundreds of levels.

Geometry Dash

In the rhythm-based action platformer Geometry Dash(Which Opens in a new window), you tap the screen to jump when it’s appropriate. Users of iOS and Android devices can download the app for $1.99 or enjoy the Lite version for free (iOS, Opens in a new window).

Lily’s Garden

You are asked to assist Lily in restoring a garden to its former splendor while navigating a passionate love story with a large cast of characters in this match-3 game(Opens in a new window). You will find hidden objects, unlock hidden sections, match flowers, and embellish the garden while playing.

New York Times Crosswords

You’re a fan of the New York Times crossword. Download the app to your phone and finish wherever you are. You must subscribe(Opens in a new window) for either $3.47 per month or $19.97 per year after a limited number of free demo puzzles. Other online games provided by The New York Times include Sudoku, the Spelling Bee, and others (Opens in a new window).

Snake VS Block

Snake VS Block allows you to manipulate your snake over obstacles while breaking new blocks and adding more segments (Opens in a new window).

Subway Surfers

In the endless runner Subway Surfers(Which Opens in a new window), you run or skateboard through a metro railway in an effort to avoid being caught. Jump over obstacles, collect coins and powerups, avoid approaching trains, and avoid capture for as long as you can.

Toon Blast

Similar to Candy Crush, Toon Blast(Which Opens in a new window) lets you blow stuff apart instead of matching candies. The ability to combine power-ups to unleash combos and complete each level is the coolest part.

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