Addicting Games And Know Both Short-term And Long-term Effects Of This!

The biggest online gaming portal in the US is called Addicting Games. Reaching more than ten million different users each month (comScore). Since the early 2000s, we have been creating and selling cutting-edge, outrageous, and addictive online games.

We are regarded as the industry’s creators. To offer one of the broadest selections of free online games, including action games, sports games, puzzle games, IO games, mobile games, and many more, Addicting Games has a long history of collaborating closely with game creators. Every Thursday, we release new games, and every day, we improve our features depending on user feedback and current trends.

HOW DO WE PLAY ADDICTIVE GAMES? Listen to our varied audience of patrons… Offering the best casual games is feasible only with devotion, core, and commitment. Every person has potential, in our opinion. In all facets of mankind, including culture, lifestyle, age, background, and experience as well as in terms of socioeconomic status, gender identity, and marital status, Addicting Games supports diversity.

We can stay relevant and deliver the greatest and most original material by paying close attention to all of the input we get every day, remaining grounded, and being open to new ideas. Players of addictive games are aware of their preferences.

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With reviews, ratings, favorite lists, and our social media channels, we make it simple for them to tell us.

Recent Games

Every week, Addicting Games releases over a dozen new games. We showcase games created by thousands of independent developers located all around the world. On any internet-connected device, customers can play as much as they want whenever and wherever they want.


The foundation of Addicting Games was an innovation. Simple was the concept: find fantastic games on our website! attempting to infuse energy, originality, and inventiveness into all we do. Pencil Racer, 50 States, and Fratboy Girlfriend TD are examples of games created by Addicting Games. We look for fresh game ideas and support innovative gaming concepts. exhibiting the curiosity and bravery necessary to be a leader in the casual gaming industry.

Move Ahead

In the world of internet gaming, Addicting Games was a pioneer. Over the years, we have advanced significantly and improved our trade. We take great pride in standing up for titles and creators who reimagine online gaming.

Committed to one another, as well as the honesty and responsibility needed for a successful team. We provide countless opportunities for cooperation through sponsorships, game licensing, and development agreements.

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Addicting Games

Fun Facts

  • Since 2002, Addicting Games has dominated the market for publishing casual games online.
  • We were among the original online gaming portals.
  • Over the past 17+ years, our games have received hundreds of millions of plays.
  • We proudly showed our logo in Comic Sans for more than seven years.
  • a collection of more than 4,000 vintage games, with new releases each week
  • Technically, “Addictive Games” would be right, but they would be less entertaining.

Effects, Causes, And Symptoms

Video game addiction is a very real issue for many people, despite the American Medical Association’s lack of recognition of it as a diagnosable condition. Recent research, according to the University of New Mexico, indicates that 6 to 15% of all gamers may show indicators of addiction. The indications and symptoms of this illness can sometimes be quite challenging to identify, even though persons who have it can experience serious effects.

Different Types Of  Video Game Addictions

There are two main categories of video games, and hence two main categories of addiction to video games. Standard video games often feature a single player and have a clear objective or aim, like saving a princess. These games’ addictive qualities are frequently tied to accomplishing a mission, surpassing a high score, or meeting a certain criterion.

The second kind of video game addiction is linked to online cooperative gaming. These multiplayer internet games are particularly seductive since they frequently have no conclusion. Gamers who struggle with this kind of addiction take pleasure in establishing and briefly adopting an online persona. As an escape from reality, they frequently form relationships with other online players. This neighborhood may be the one where some people feel most accepted.

What Leads To A Video Game Addiction?

Video game addiction is influenced by a wide range of factors. But the fact that video games are made to be addictive is one of the key reasons why they can be so difficult to stop playing. Like anybody else seeking to turn a profit, video game developers are constantly looking for strategies to increase player engagement.

To achieve this, they create games that are just difficult enough to keep you going back for more but not too difficult that you eventually give up. In other words, for a gamer, success frequently seems just out of grasp. In this way, gambling addiction and video game addiction are two disorders that are quite similar.

Effects Of Video Game Addiction In The Short-Term And Long-Term!

The negative effects of video game addiction can be very severe, just like any other compulsive disorder. Even while the majority of the symptoms mentioned above have short-term impacts, if they are not adequately treated, they can have more serious long-term effects.

For instance, a person who is addicted to video games may skip meals or sleep to play more. While this may cause hunger and exhaustion in the short term, it may also cause sleep disorders or diet-related health problems in the long run.

Similar to this, those who withdraw from social interactions to play video games might short-circuit family gatherings, friend outings, or other activities shortly. However, if this behavior persists over a protracted length of time, addicts may find themselves completely friendless.

The long-term financial, academic, and professional repercussions of video game addiction should also be taken into account. Video games and related accessories may be highly pricey, especially when you take into account ongoing expenses like the high-speed Internet connection needed for multiplayer online games. Additionally, these games can be quite time-consuming, giving addicted players less time to concentrate on their studies or careers.

Can I Take A Test Or Self-evaluation?

Examining the list of signs of video game addiction mentioned above is the most useful self-assessment that can be done. It might be a good idea to reduce how much time you spend playing video games if you or someone you care about displays any of these red flags. We can assist if you are unsure whether these symptoms apply to you.

Addicting Games
Getting Help

As soon as you suspect that your gaming time is out of control, seek assistance from your doctor, therapist, or child’s pediatrician, if you are worried about a child. If you’re a parent of a gamer and find it difficult to say no, a therapist can teach you how to set boundaries on your child’s gaming time. According to one study, involving parents in a child’s treatment improves outcomes.

Studies on how to cure video game addiction are also only beginning. Cognitive behavioral therapy, sometimes known as CBT, is one therapy that may be helpful. This type of mental health treatment teaches you how to shift your perspective on gaming to alter your behavior.

Preventing A Gaming Problem

Try this advice for both adults and children to limit the amount of time spent gaming:

  • Set time restrictions for play and follow them.
  • To avoid playing late into the night, keep phones and other electronics out of the bedroom.
  • Daily activities should also include exercise. Long periods of sitting and playing will be less harmful to your health as a result.

No one is aware of which games are more likely to cause problem gaming. Make sure your youngster is playing only games appropriate for their age for the time being.

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