Who Is Adam Levine’s Wife? Is He Marry Again To Someone Again?

Adam Levine’s Wife: Awesome romance From their passionate beginning to getting married and having children, Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo are a match made in Victoria’s Secret heaven.

A month after splitting from fellow Victoria’s Secret Angel Anne Vyalitsyna, the Maroon 5 frontman started dating Prinsloo in May 2012. Even though the artist and the Namibian model momentarily split up in May 2013, they couldn’t help but feel a connection, and less than two months later, they started dating again.
Many of the couple’s fans were shocked when they announced their engagement in July 2013, as they were unaware they were reuniting. “After Adam and Behati broke up, he was consumed with her thoughts. In an exclusive statement to Us Weekly at the time, a source said, “He realized he loved her and wanted to be with her.

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Adam Levine’s Love Story

The “Moves Like Jagger” singer’s close friend revealed to Us in July that Levine continued to communicate with Prinsloo after their breakup and “was filled with emotion when they saw one other again.” The native Californian made light of his evolving views on marriage in an October 2013 joke, claiming he wasn’t sure he would get married until meeting Prinsloo.

He made a joke about his famous last words, “I’ll never get married,” while appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jay Leno. If you don’t meet someone who makes you want to marry them, I still don’t think you have to get married. Then you wed them, which is lovely.

Levine raved about being married while appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show two months after the Us revealed that the couple had wed in July 2014. “I never truly imagined I’d love it. It’s extraordinary. I am a kid. The “Payphone” singer asked in September 2014, “How did this happen? I’m using the word ‘wife’ a lot right now. I don’t mean to say it.

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I love saying “Wife, wife, wife,” and I do it frequently. Even her phone number was changed to “Wife” on my phone. The Save the Rhino Trust Namibia ambassador exclusively discussed life as a family of four with Us after welcoming two daughters, Dusty Rose and Gio Grace, together. In December 2018, Prinsloo admitted to Us, “He’s stricter than me, and I thought I was going to be the strict one.” He is a very involved father. It’s fantastic. I’m blessed.

June 2012

Us reported that two months after his breakup from Prinsloo’s close friend and fellow VS model Anne Vyalitsyna, the Maroon 5 singer was photographed kissing Prinsloo in Hawaii. An insider at the time revealed to Us that Behati “always had a crush on Adam.” Additionally, “she was a little envious of Anne.”

Adam Levine Wife

September 2012

At the GQ Gentlemen’s Ball in New York City, the couple made their first public appearance while dressing in all black. According to a witness who spoke to Us, Levine “gently guided Behati with his right hand on the small of her back.” They frequently cuddled during supper, giving off a comfortable vibe.

May 2013

The former Voice judge had moved on from Prinsloo with Sports Illustrated model Nina Agdal, Us reported in May 2013.

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July 2013

Us reported that following a brief breakup, Levine and Prinsloo reconciled and engaged in July 2013. Levine “realized he genuinely does love her, and she was The One,” a source subsequently told Us. They are smitten.

January 2014

In November 2013, the singer of “Maps” sat the first row and supported his future bride as she strutted down the runway at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in New York City.

March 2014

In March 2014, the couple attended Vanity Fair’s Oscars celebration in West Hollywood. Levine looked sharp in a Salvatore Ferragamo tux with his hair pulled up. Prinsloo looked stunning in a dark cranberry dress from the Calvin Klein Collection. They were around each other, according to a witness. They were enjoying themselves immensely.

April 2014

Prinsloo accompanied the Begin Again star at the Chanel Tribeca Film Festival after-party in NYC in April 2014. Levine praised the model on occasion, saying, “She makes me the best person I can be.” She is the best there is.

June 2014

In a June 2014 appearance on Live! With Kelly & Michael, Levine discussed his proposal. No matter how convinced you believe, yourself to be. You continue to kneel and become dizzy as you say, “I’m doing this, oh, my God,” he said. I consider myself to be a confident guy, but the moment I knelt, everything changed. I became unsteady. I needed to board the other one.

July 2014

One year after being engaged, the couple wed in Mexico in July 2014. Three hundred people attended the wedding, officiated by Levine’s lifelong friend Jonah Hill. Later, the pair flew to South Africa to enjoy their honeymoon.

March 2016

In March 2016, the Us provided exclusive confirmation that the couple was expecting their first child. Levine is “over the moon” about being a parent, a source told Us at the time.

September 2016

Levine’s baby girl was born in September 2016, as verified to Us by the singer’s publicist. Their first child was given the name Dusty Rose.

January 2016

Gio Grace, the couple’s second child, was born in February 2018.

May 2018

In May 2018, Prinsloo and Dusty Rose appeared in the music video for Maroon 5’s song “Girls Like You.” In the video, Levine joined his family for a big hug after displaying other powerful women in Hollywood.

January 2019

In an exclusive interview with Us in December 2018, the Namibian model raved about her husband and their family, saying, “He enjoys one-on-one time with them, so he takes Dusty to coffee every morning. He is a very involved father. It’s fantastic. I’m blessed. Prinsloo hinted at the couple’s plans to have more children, adding, “I guess I want it eventually.

Although I want to try for a male, I’ll be content if I only have daughters. Before I film another, I’d like to give these two more time to mature and experience life as a couple, but I’m sure there will be more in the future.

Adam Levine Wife

March 2019

On his 40th birthday in March 2019, Prinsloo captioned a sensual Instagram snapshot of her spouse with the phrase, “40 is only a number, but it looks pretty beautiful on you.” “Happy birthday to my WHOLE LIFE,” I tell you every morning, and I am more in love with you. @adamlevine, you’re so cool, you’re so cool, you’re so cool.

June 2019

In June 2019, the mother of two revealed her struggle with postpartum depression. She credited Levine as being her support throughout that difficult time. After our first child, I experienced postpartum times when I felt like it was coming through.

But my husband was so unbelievably supportive and always pulled me through,” she recalled at the time, speaking to Today. “However, I think it’s typical for a young or new mother to feel powerless and overly emotional. I believe I was fortunate not to have it to the extreme, but you can feel yourself descending.

June 2019

The Victoria’s Secret Angel discussed the positive aspects of Levine departing The Voice after 16 seasons in June 2019. During a guest appearance on the Today show, she said, “Good news for me, good news for the kids.” He is now on tour. He can’t wait to go home and finally have nothing to do. What am I going to do with him, I wonder.

April 2020

In April 2020, the musician dispelled speculations that he and Prinsloo were having their third child by telling Howard Stern, No, she’s not pregnant right now. I believe she would punch me in the f—king face if I asked her to have another child immediately away.

February 2021

“Every day with you, @adamlevine, is a holiday. You’re awesome; you’re awesome, you’re awesome!” In February 2021, the model captioned a picture of the couple kissing on Instagram.

April 2021

In a sunny April 2021 photo, the family of four was dressed in coordinated tie-dye outfits. Levine teased on Instagram, “Girls just want to have fun.”

July 2021

To launch their tequila brand, Calirosa, the pair partnered with the Real family, who have been managing Tequila Selecto in Mexico for decades. “I’m happy to say that the time has come.” Levine, at the moment, is posted on Instagram. “There is more to Calirosa Tequila than a collaboration. It serves as a link between two families in the pursuit of creating something unique that will delight future generations. Salud!!!!!!!”

November 2021

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Levine and Prinsloo said they are open to growing their family. “We’ve always known we wanted another. Therefore, I believe that when I had two children under 2, I just said, “Don’t even think about it!” At the time, she proclaimed, “I do also want five children. But don’t even consider it, she said.

The model said the couple “wants a huge family,” but they aren’t making any firm plans just yet. We’re letting what occurs be determined by fate. Whatever happens, happens. There are no restrictions, she continued.

December 2021

The couple traveled to Miami to celebrate their fledgling tequila business.

September 2022

Several reports claim that the couple is expecting their third child. Later in the month, Prinsloo shared a picture of her growing baby bulge to announce the news.

Final Lines

This is a great romance. Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo are a match made in Victoria’s Secret heaven, starting with their passionate courtship and continuing with their marriage and procreation. Since they were unaware that they were reconnecting, many of the couple’s supporters were shocked when they announced their engagement in July 2013. So, you can find his chronology here. You need to read this article and forward it to your friends.

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