A Timeline Of Ezra Miller’s Recent Controversies( Latest News)

On Wednesday, Ezra Miller, 29, was again in the news as Warner Bros. stated that it no longer planned to make the $90 million Batgirl project, which Miller is not affiliated with, as Newsweek had previously reported. Miller is a BAFTA-nominated actor who uses they/them pronouns.

Fans and critics alike linked Miller to the story because of their work on D.C. Comics’ The Flash, in which they play the title role. A June 2023 release date for The Flash does not indicate that the project’s stalling has anything to do with the actor. As a result of Batgirl’s cancellation, many people believe that HBO Max, who had planned to stream the movie in tandem with its theatrical premiere, is in financial trouble.

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In spite of this, allegations leveled against the actor in recent years have most certainly turned them into something of a liability for film producers. Miller has been accused of assaulting a fan in Iceland, as well as assaulting a partygoer in Hawaii. Most recently, Miller has been accused of alleged grooming and coercive control by the parents of activist Tokata Iron Eyes, who is 18 years old and hails from North Dakota.

In Reykjavik, Iceland, a woman was allegedly choked and thrown to the ground by Miller, who was caught on camera in the act. To this, the woman appeared to reply by approaching Miller in a jocularly aggressive manner, to which Miller responded by seizing her by the throat and throwing her to the ground. There were no charges filed.

A Timeline Of Ezra Miller's Recent Controversies( Latest News)
A Timeline Of Ezra Miller’s Recent Controversies( Latest News)

Miller addressed members of the Ku Klux Klan in a video that has since been deleted from Instagram. In the video, he told the Klansmen to kill themselves and added, “We’ll do it for you if that’s what you want.” Following an incident that occurred in a bar in March 2022, Miller was taken into custody in Hawaii and charged with disorderly conduct as well as harassment.

The Hawai’i Police Department has issued a press release stating the following: “Miller was taken into custody and charged with both of the felonies, with a total bail amount of $500 being imposed. Because [they] paid the bond, the defendant was freed.” Miller is said to have constantly corrected police officers when they referred to him or her in the incorrect gender.

When Nadia, a woman with whom Miller had previously engaged in a consensual sexual relationship, said that Miller refused to leave her home in February 2022 despite her repeated pleadings, Variety conducted an interview. Activist Tokata Iron Eyes’s father, Chase Iron Eyes, requested a protective order for his daughter and a restraining order against Miller in an effort to separate the two, according to a story from Newsweek.

Miller could not be located by the court officials so they could not serve him with the necessary papers for the hearing. On June 6, Tokata, who uses she/they pronouns, posted a written statement on  Instagram acknowledging a period of turbulence in their life. This included the decision to drop out of Bard College and the loss of a friend named William. The statement included the following passage: “My comrade Ezra Miller for the entirety of the aforementioned era has only provided loving support and invaluable protection throughout this period of loss.”

Tokata said on their Instagram profile on June 9 that nobody was managing their account and that “This is my life and my decisions.” They also stated that they were disappointed with their parents and the press in every aspect.

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