2k23 Find Ronnie 2k: How To Find Ronnie 2K In NBA 2K23?

2k23 Find Ronnie 2k: In NBA 2K23, Ronnie 2K returns with exciting new perks for players to earn. All four of his hangouts are listed below, along with the loot he promises to bring to his admirers. With the release of NBA 2K23 comes the annual frenzy among basketball lovers to raise the overall MyPlayer rating.

In their quest to reach the coveted 99 overall ratings, many players set their sights on Ronnie 2K, the series’ long-standing ambassador, who may be discovered in The City each year in exchange for substantial incentives upon reaching specific benchmarks.


What Is Ronnie 2 K’s Rebirth Quest In NBA 2K23?

NBA 2K lovers, rejoice: Ronnie 2K has returned, and this time he plays a role in the action! Finding Ronnie and talking to him in NBA 2K23’s MyCareer mode will grant access to new features, such as the game’s long-awaited rebirth quest. An integral aspect of NBA 2K23 is the rebirth quest, which lets players start again with a new character while keeping their stats and other data from their prior one.

It’s worth noting that the Reborn Quest in NBA 2K23 will look different depending on the system you play on. The versions of NBA 2K23 available for current and next-gen gaming consoles are distinct. For example, the PC edition of NBA 2K23 is likewise a cutting-edge system. Find Ronnie 2K on any NBA 2K23 platform to begin the rebirth quest and unlock the game’s full potential.

All Ronnie 2K Locations For The Rebirth Quest

You’ll come across Ronnie 2K in four locations during the Rebirth quest. Finding him will result in a new and exciting present each time. Players must first achieve a certain score threshold to unlock the quests for each of Ronnie’s 2 K locations. In order to reach the first location, you must get a cumulative score of 65 or above.

To the left of the Knights Station icon in the northeastern part of the City is where players can find Ronnie, who is close to the Northside Knights area. He will be standing by a trash can wearing a pink hoodie or jacket. Anyone can approach him for a t-shirt bearing his likeness. Reaching a total score of 75 unlocks access to the second area.

They need to get off at West Mall Station to meet Ronnie 2K. You may find him on the station’s east side, between the Embellish and Finders Keepers shops. This time, when entering The City, players can pick their spawn location as a reward. With an overall score of 80 or higher, players gain access to the third location, Ronnie 2K’s Northside Knights Zone but this time to the west.

The 2K Sports sign, which can be seen to the northeast of the station, is where he will be waiting. The ultimate Ronnie 2K rewards are the freedom to explore The City while baring all. Once a player has achieved a total rating of 90 or above, they will unlock access to the last area. Ronnie 2K will be in The City’s southwestern South City Vipers zone this time. He is near the wooden sign that denotes the entrance to the Vipers’ territory. After completing Ronnie 2K’s final challenge, players can utilize the NBA 2K23 Rebirth feature.

North Side Knights (65 OVR)

As soon as you reach 65 OVR, contact the North Side Knights station and meet your group outside the station at the red marker shown on the map above.

After you and he have a little chat, he’ll hand over the “Ronnie 2K & Sophie” tee.

West Mall Station (75 OVR)

Take the subway to the West Mall Station, then walk north to the quick-access entrance. Follow the marker inside the mall to where Ronnie 2K will be waiting.

This time, instead of a t-shirt, Ronnie 2K will grant you the power to choose your spawn place.

North Station (88 OVR)

You may find Ronnie 2K in front of the 2K Sports headquarters building at 88 OVR’s North Station (where the marker is located).

This time, however, he’ll bestow an ability upon you that will let you play shirtless in the City.

South City Vipers (90 OVR)

The fourth and last location is off to the southwest, outside Vipers Station. Ronnie 2K will be waiting for you in front of the South City Vipers’ entrance.

As a final bonus, you’ll receive the Rebirth ability, which lets you start a new character with all your mission rewards, up to 25 badge points, and a chance to level to 90 OVR.

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