22 New Upcoming Survival Horror Games : The Special Game Of Feeling A Great Fear

Despite not having the highest copy sales, survival horror games are nonetheless pretty common. The sheer volume of horror video games that are released each year, especially on PC, is evidence of this. Even if you can’t be scared by playing a video game, the survival horror genre nevertheless offers a special kind of suspense you won’t find anywhere else. Here are the top 10 survival horror games that are scheduled to be released in 2023.


Number 22: Dim Moonlight

A man in the near future who struggles on a daily basis due to his numerous phobias is the subject of the survival horror game Dark Moonlight. He had an experimental operation that was intended to be the necessary treatment for his problems in an effort to ease the situation. Instead, it took him to a fantasy realm where all of his greatest thoughts were realized.

Players will find every aspect of a survival horror game in the gameplay. You have limited access to weapons and medical supplies, puzzles frequently impede your progress, and of course, there are several terrifying monsters you must defeat by any means necessary.

Number 21: Greyhill Incident

Greyhill Incident deviates from the norms in a genre dominated by zombie games by setting you in a small village in the 1990s as you assume the role of an everyday person attempting to survive an alien invasion. Together, you and your neighbors must gather supplies, arm yourself, and either fight back or flee for your lives. In Destroy All People, it virtually appears as though you are playing from the perspective of humans.

You take on the role of a young girl in the 7th grade whose sister unexpectedly vanishes in Narin: The Orange Room, a third-person survival horror game. Narin found herself being taken to a horrific magical dimension in an effort to find her. You start to uncover evidence that will help you piece together what happened to your sister as you struggle to survive against the numerous animals that lurk there.

Number 20: No More Room in Hell 2

The premise of No More Room in Hell 2, the follow-up to the same-named, award-winning Source mod, is just plain evil. The sickness first appeared. The dead then appeared. Authorities were shocked when millions of people began dying and reviving after a pandemic swept the globe and put them into comas. The frightening zombie apocalypse must be navigated by the few survivors that are still alive. Happily, you won’t be by yourself. You and your pals will need to find food, weapons, and shelter while avoiding and fending off aggressive and emotionless zombies in this online co-op game for up to eight people. Although this nightmare is still being worked on, it should be released in October, just in time for Halloween!

Number 19: Cryospace

In the isometric survival horror game Cryospace, you take on the role of a routine maintenance technician on a lone space shuttle. Your responsibility is to make sure the shuttle is kept in good condition so that everyone may arrive at the designated destination safely while the other passengers are engrossed in a deep cryo-sleep.

Sadly, things don’t turn out as you had hoped when a mysterious alien species start to seize control of your ship. Your survival has become your top goal, followed by helping any frozen colonists you can.

Number18: HumanitZ

A distinctive top-down zombie survival game is called HumantiZ. You can freely wander about a sizable planet and decide how you and your friends will survive. As required, you can craft, produce, hunt, or scavenge. Try to enter a larger metropolis that is teeming with the goods you need to survive, but may also bring death just as readily. Alternatively, stay in the country where the zombies may be few and far between and the supplies you may need to survive will be.

You’ll be playing 3v7 in the game. Three players will take on the role of the clowns and attempt to take over Crescent Cove by executing its residents using absurd methods and weapons. You might even assume the role of humans and cooperate to locate the materials necessary to prevent the invasion altogether rather than just fend off capture.

Will you succeed in rescuing Crescent Cove? Or are you going to guarantee its total destruction? Await the release of the game to learn more!

Number 17: Killer Klowns From Outer Space The Game.

We would have bet on Nightmare on Elm Street or The Thing being the next iconic horror title to receive the same treatment, especially in light of the fact that films like Friday the 13th and Evil Dead have been adapted into asymmetrical multiplayer games.

Instead, it’s the 1988 horror-comedy Killer Klowns From Outer Space, which despite numerous attempts to launch a sequel, never fully developed into its own series. Killer Klowns From Outer Space: A Gamescom Opening Night Live Announcement A team of seven Crescent Cove residents playing as the three main clowns competes against another team in the game. In order to either survive or stop the alien invasion, you must search the world for riches and weaponry, while the clowns will employ “outlandish skills” and “zany weapons” to hunt down the citizens.

Number 16: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Number 16,

A video game adaptation of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, one of the most recognizable works of horror literature in contemporary history, is long overdue. In the game, you can either play a horrifying member of the Slaughter family or struggle to survive as one of their intended victims.

The gameplay appears to be similar to that of the Friday the 13th video game, where one player takes on the role of the killer and the other players take on the role of the survivors who must devise a strategy to eliminate the main antagonist.

You go off against two divisive opponents in Aftermath who are very different from one another. the visible and invisible demons that stalk a ruined European city. Charlie Gray is determined to find Sammy at any cost, but doing so will be the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do.

In addition to the numerous other dangers that lurk throughout the city, you are being pursued by an invisible adversary. Even the most basic household goods can be utilized to manufacture supplies and items that can save your life in this game, but what you eat is just as crucial as whether you eat at all. It has a complex crafting and scavenging system. Try to maintain good physical and mental health so that you can have an advantage as Charlie and Sammy‘s stirring tale is revealed.

Number 15: Scorn

With the concept of “being thrown into the world” in mind, Serbian developer Ebb Software created Scorn. As a result, players will receive very little information as they start their quest in this disturbing setting. You will need to utilize your shotgun to survive as a skinless humanoid trapped in an extraterrestrial world with creatures made of steel, flesh, and bone.

Number 14: Evil Nun: The Broken Mask

Attending a Christian summer camp is the best way to meet new people and have a good time on your vacation. As it turns out, everything is a deception, and players must find a method to get away from Sister Madeline, a nun who beats up misbehaving kids with a huge hammer. Remember that she could appear anywhere.

Number 13: Unholy

The first-person horror game Unholy focuses on stealth. As Saidah, a mother on the streets of the final metropolis of a dying planet, you’ll search for her kidnapped child. You must escape being grabbed by lunatics or animals that lurk around every corner as a deadly plague progressively consumes the cityscape.

Number 12: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

This is not the Atari 2600 version of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre from 1983. The eight players in this asymmetrical horror game, which is based on the horror movie from 1974, must avoid the murderer’s bullets. This, according to Sumo Digital, will be a fresh interpretation of the asymmetrical genre with a Family dynamic. There will be more details soon.

Number 11: Dark Moonlight

Action and horror are both present in equal measure in Dark Moonlight. Players will assume the role of Dave Kellerman, a man with numerous phobias and worries, in this near-future game. When he visits a psychiatrist, things don’t always go as planned since a brand-new experimental therapy sends him to a terrifying alternate reality.

Number 10: MADiSON

What would you do if you woke up confined in a dark room with your hands covered in blood? is the chilling query on the MADiSON Steam page. The game will require players to undergo the torture of the demon MADiSON while playing Luca. Will you be able to engage in depraved behavior to escape her control?

Number 9: Instinction

Instruction will feature a cast of ferocious dinosaurs rather than pit players against ghosts or zombies. Avoid them as you explore beautiful locales, crack puzzles, and learn a vast narrative. Although spinning around and seeing a T-teeth Rex may not seem entirely like a survival horror title, it still sounds rather terrifying to us.

Number 8: Stray Souls

Stray Souls wants to keep psychological horror enthusiasts on the edge of their seats. You play Daniel, a teenage boy who inherits a weird house, from a third-person perspective (selected so that you may see your character’s expression of horror). Once there, a young girl you meet gives your new existence a lot of intrigue.

In terms of gameplay, the game offers a wide variety of experiences. You’ll experience something new every time you play because of the many eerie moments that are randomly created. In order to keep you interested in the plot, the game also incorporates riddles and a choice-based narrative framework. When you are being attacked, you have two options: you can either run away or use the items nearby to defend yourself. Only a small amount of judgment is required because your decisions will affect how the game turns out.

Number 7:Fobia St. Dinfna Hotel

Intense psychological horror is featured in the movie Fobia St. Dinfna Hotel. Players quickly come to the realization that this unusual religion’s adherents are conducting human experimenting in the game, which is set in a posh hotel run by a technologically superior sect. To survive these terrifying beasts, you’ll have to fight back.

Number 6:Nemesis: Distress

The Nemesis board game will get a first-person horror multiplayer version in 2022 from independent creators Ovid Works and Awaken Realms Digital. Each player will be given a task and given 40 minutes to do it in a game that takes place on a ship that has been infiltrated by a terrible alien species. Sure, it sounds uncannily familiar, but the terror element is quite important.

Number 5: Evil Dead: The Game

The greatest way to honor the Evil Dead series is with Saber Interactive. Co-op and PvP gameplay, over 25 weapons (including Ash’s chainsaw), and several maps, including the cottage in the woods from the Evil Dead movie series are all included in Evil Dead: The Game.

Number 4: The Outlast Trials

For those who enjoy the horror subgenre, Outlast continues to be a fan favorite, and the third installment of the series is shaping up to be a monster. The Outlast Trials, a predecessor to the other two games, follows test subjects in an enigmatic Cold War experiment. You can opt to scream and cry by yourself or with pals in online multiplayer.

Number 3: Aftermath

In the film Aftermath, Charlie Gray, an engineer, and astronaut, succeeds to leave Earth’s atmosphere. However, once her reentry to the planet goes wrong, her existence descends into darkness, and she ends up alone on a desolate planet. Players will need to lead Charlie through alien hordes and her personal demons in a desperate search for her daughter Sammy in order to reach safety.

Number 2: The Quarry

The finest aspect of the scary, action-packed adventure The Quarry is that you get to choose how it ends. The narrative opens as two recently recruited camp counselors are making a late-night drive to Hackett’s Quarry. The local sheriff appears to warn them off before something flashes in front of them and causes them to veer off the road. Seven additional camp counselors completed the summer activities two months later. They choose to host a party on their final night together despite being warned to stay indoors. Although they will immediately come to understand that they are not alone in the Quarry, getting to Sunrise won’t be simple.

Number 1: The Callisto Protocol

The Callisto Protocol is an audio recording from Glen Schofield’s studio Striking Distance. The game takes place at a prison colony on Jupiter’s moon Callisto and is situated in the same fictional universe as PUBG, albeit several centuries in the future. Players will assume the role of a prisoner caught up in an alien invasion that the prison warden has planned. This will be a nice one because Schofield co-created the Dead Space series.

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