Following on from the fairly successful map unlock experiment that had players of Battlefield 1943 trying to gain a number of kills to unlock a free multiplayer map; DICE have created a challenge for the Battlefield: Bad Company 2, this time revolving around ‘team actions.’ And now, we have the results.

It’s a big trailer day today, following on from the Spike TV Video Game Awards. What’s next on the list? Prototype 2. This time, you play as Sergeant James Helen, a ‘retired’ soldier hell bent on bringing Alex Mercer to justice. This time, it really is personal.

According to UBM TechInsights, Microsoft’s brainchild Kinect has had an estimated $56 manufacturing cost per unit. You have UBMs teardown research to thank for this, as after strip searching the glorified eye-toy in depth, they came up with a base cost for all of the materials used.

The critically acclaimed F.E.A.R series is to receive its new entry in March of next year. The co-op focused adventure will be making headway to store shelves come Q1 of next year. Very little of the actual gameplay has been shown; however you can view pretty interesting live action trailers for it if you feel so inclined.

Tired of the same old white/black/red/blue/green coloured controllers? Is your controller just not as aesthetically pleasing as it once was?  Well, prepare to be amazed, Microsoft is launching a matte silver controller with grey face buttons! Wait, what?

Looks like Britain is gripped with Disney-mania, as Toy Story 3 has climbed the ranks in the UK video gaming charts, ending July 24. The game beat Red Dead Redemption and Dragon Quest IX, which is impressive for a movie tie – in game.

The folks over at Capcom have recently set up a new website, featuring all things Dead Rising 2. In an attempt to satisfy even the most information-hungry mongrels, they have insider looks and and blog you can follow over at  Along with this, they have released the final box art image for the game, just so you recognise what to look for when frantically searching through store shelves.

You all remember the intensity in Call of Duty 4’s sniper mission, right? Lining up a shot whilst considering wind speed and recoil really made us feel like expert marksmen, which is exactly what Sniper: Ghost Warrior intends to do. And lucky us, we have a launch trailer to show us the cool stuff as the game hits store shelves.

The aerial space combat simulator Darkstar One – Broken Alliance has gone gold, meaning you can expect North American release on July 20. The game features thrilling deep space adventure, and players will progress along a deep storyline spanning the width of the galaxy. And with a fully customisable spaceship at your disposal, get ready to kick some serious outer space butt.

Following suit from Netflix, The Sky Player, and Zune, Hulu Plus is the new feature making its way to our Xbox 360 dashboards. Hulu, the popular video streaming service, have announced Hulu ‘Plus,’ a subscription based ‘deluxe edition,’ enabling customers to stream full series, both old and new. Better yet, this feature is coming to Xbox Live alongside the Playstation Network. This will enable folks to stream favourite episodes right from the Xbox 360, on demand.

Those interested in the Kinect motion controller will likely be interested in the full specification and requirements of said device. Thanks to the listing, we have a large list of the technical aspects which have enabled the camera to come to fruition. So without further ado, here they are:

Last time around we had Netflix, and this year it’s ESPN. If you’re a big sports fan then this information probably is going to make you crap yourself. ESPN will apparently be free for any Gold Member of Xbox Live. Which means you get infinite amount of previous sports games, World Cup, Basketball finals, and live events. Here’s a list of features and abilities that ESPN on Xbox360 will have, and how it relates back to Kinect:

UPDATE: GameTrailers is showing the pre-show since the conference was delayed 30 minutes. Lookie here.

Not everyone gets to go to E3, but thanks to the internet you can live the experience vicariously through live streams. There are several places where you can watch Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference for free. GameSpot has their stream up with a constant countdown timer, G4 is handling the conference through UStream (and built in chat functionality) and finally Major Nelson seems to have an HD stream of the conference up for when it begins. As of right now the conference is scheduled for 10:30am PST, which is about 40 minutes from now. SO GET IN ON THIS QUICK!

The popular UK video game store, GAME, has responded to claims made by unhappy employees at the company. As a result of reducing working hours, and closing stores nationwide, employees have become furious, making a Facebook group dedicated to raise these issues with the company.

Despite being so near the release date, Remedy Entertainment announced that Alan Wake 2’s plot has already been decided. Regarded as the ‘second season,’ it is apparent that the developer plans to go further with the series. However, the next instalment isn’t guaranteed, as Remedy has stated future ‘seasons’ are dependent on this games success.

Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices Division, a division responsible for the Xbox 360, won the impressive Grand Prix award at the MCV Industry Excellence Awards.

If a movie coinciding with the release of a new game isn’t enough, THQ have recently outlined plans of spending $30/40m on a Natal release. However, this isn’t planned as a launch title, THQ prefer to wait and see how the device does commercially.