It’s been under a year since Mass Effect 2 was released, and yet the sequel already has a trailer. That’s alright it my books though, because it looks really bloody cool.

Currently the most anticipated release of 2011, the more news we receive about Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the more our excitement increases. The newest trailer is dedicated to presenting a few of the upcoming skill sets and augmented abilities for you to choose from, as well as highlighting some of the key gameplay, like a third person cover system.

You all remember the intensity in Call of Duty 4’s sniper mission, right? Lining up a shot whilst considering wind speed and recoil really made us feel like expert marksmen, which is exactly what Sniper: Ghost Warrior intends to do. And lucky us, we have a launch trailer to show us the cool stuff as the game hits store shelves.

Square Enix has recently unveiled Mindjack, an all-new futuristic action (online) shooter created by renowned Japanese developer Feelplus Inc. The game is set in the year 2031 and you assume the role of a “Mind Hacker” who has the ability to control almost anyone or anything within your reach. The announcement came with a few screenshots and an interesting looking trailer, but as of now the details are a bit scarce. It’s said to feature an online cooperative and versus gameplay elements, but exactly how those will work remains to be unclear. The game releases this October, so hopefully we’ll be able to find out more before then.


For those who are curious about exactly how the multiplayer in Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood will work, just check out this new video. It’s a fairly detailed walkthrough of the “Wanted” game mode that gives you the objective of assassinating assigned targets, but you’re also on the lookout for other assassin’s who are trying to kill you. It’s not too clear on whether the other assassin’s are other human players or just random AI, but it looks like a player wins the match by gaining the most points for killing the most targets.

Guess what boys and girls? Red Dead Redemption comes out next Tuesday! The long awaited sequel to Red Dead Revolver is finally hitting store shelves this May 18th. Developer Rockstar wants to get the word out by releasing this spiffy launch trailer for the game. There’s not much more to learn about what Red Dead is all about, just have to play the thing for yourself. If you’re excited about the game as I am, then this launch trailer should wet your appetite a little bit:

The next installment to Electronic Arts’ establish skate series is now out for your buying and playing pleasure. The developer decided to celebrate the event by releasing a launch trailer for the game. If you like skating in real life as well as video games this wonderful trailer should both excite you and hype you up to discover for once you’ll be sitting on your ass… but on a comfortable couch, instead of gravel after wiping out. Here’s the dope trailer:

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands doesn’t come out until May 18th, but you can see 1/256th (that is not a calculated decimal) of it by watching the first two minutes of the introduction sequence right here! The short clip depicts the prince’s setup for his latest journey, and a lot of pretty FMV sequences of guys stabbing each other in the face. It’s good to hear the old voice actor is back, can’t wait for the final game to be release. You can watch the trailer below:

Man, doesn’t this skater look like he’s having a good time? I mean he’s doing a kickflip, coach frank is helping him out, there’s a lovely watermark in the lower left hand corner I couldn’t remove. Looks like a boatload of fun to me. But if you don’t believe me you can watch this stellar trailer promoting all the cool tricks you can do and scenes you can visit in skate 3:

Sent to us yesterday, the debut trailer for the new Call of Duty game is looking mighty fine. Any question as to whether it’s set during the Cold War or not seems to be answered. Personally, I was hoping for a Call of Duty game where you don’t have to kill Russians (imagine!), but then again, I was also hoping for a Call of Duty game not made by Treyarch. Ah, a man can dream.

Fans of the Dead Space franchise will be happy to know that Electronic Arts just released the “reveal” trailer of Dead Space 2 today. Currently we’ve only got a YouTube embed (which you can see below) but we’re working on getting our own upload as well. If you like inkblots, scary images, and ominous sounding quotes you’ll enjoy this trailer:

Alongside releasing a new trailer, Capcom have announced details regarding Dead Rising 2’s co-op system.

Feeling down in the dumps and have nothing to do? Counting the days until you can get that copy of Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days to give life a new meaning? Well you’re in luck, as Eidos have released the original trailer of Kane & Lynch 2, now with 20 more glorious seconds of footage!

If you’ve been following the site for a few months you’ll know I have nothing but good things to say about the Prince of Persia series. I was a huge fan of the 2008 reboot, but I also enjoyed Sands of Time, and The Two Thrones before that. So naturally, I’ve been following this new Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands, pretty closely. There’s been some complaints about the series going back to the Sands of Time trilogy, and abandoning the simplicity that was present in the reboot. It’s almost like people forgot the original series was very good. Ubisoft is looking to get people interested in again by releasing this gameplay trailer (read more).

A new trailer for Splash Damage’s upcoming first person shooter, Brink, has been released today and looks to show off some great looking cinematics. If the gameplay can be pulled off anywhere near this slick, then we’ll all be in for a treat when the game finally releases this Fall. Check out the trailer below and you’ll see what I mean.