Michael “Shagg” Washington, singer with Cypress Hill, has publicly announced his disbelief at Rockstar. I hear you asking me why. Well, he believes that Carl Johnson, A.K.A CJ from GTA: San Andreas was completely modelled from his likeness.


If you’re anything like me, then you remember that somber moment in Red Dead Redemption when you just cross the river for the first time, jump on your horse, and realize you’ve still got a long ways to go to get your revenge. Jose Gonzalez and his eerily soothing voice suited that moment perfectly with his song “Far Away”, which invaded your ears at just the right second. Gonzalez did a live performance of this song earlier this summer on the rooftops of the Rockstar offices, and lucky for us, it was all caught on film.

Rockstar Games have recently announced plans to release four additional packs of DLC for the hit western themed game, Red Dead Redemption. The first will be at the beginning of August 2010, with the last being released this autumn. The packs will be released onto both the Xbox Live Marketplace, along with the Playstation Network.

Guess what boys and girls? Red Dead Redemption comes out next Tuesday! The long awaited sequel to Red Dead Revolver is finally hitting store shelves this May 18th. Developer Rockstar wants to get the word out by releasing this spiffy launch trailer for the game. There’s not much more to learn about what Red Dead is all about, just have to play the thing for yourself. If you’re excited about the game as I am, then this launch trailer should wet your appetite a little bit:

It’s odd that despite the video game industry being so fixated on anti-heroes, gun action combat and epic climaxes, it has completely deserted the Western genre. Few serious attempts have been made and even fewer successes accomplished. One particular venture that previously caught the public’s eye was Rockstar’s Red Dead Revolver. The game received mixed reviews and managed to establish an excellent style, selling well enough to warrant a sequel.

That’s where Red Dead Redemption comes in. The frequently rumored but only recently confirmed sequel to the 2004 predecessor was finally revealed in the past few months.  Luckily, I got my hands on a demo during PAX East 2010. The short demo was fairly straight-forward; you were tasked with riding your horse to a location where you would convene with an individual to complete a GTA-styled mission. Once the task was accomplished, the demo was over.