According to a very recent report by Research and Markets, the US video game market is currently estimated to have a value of 7 Billion Dollars.

According to UBM TechInsights, Microsoft’s brainchild Kinect has had an estimated $56 manufacturing cost per unit. You have UBMs teardown research to thank for this, as after strip searching the glorified eye-toy in depth, they came up with a base cost for all of the materials used.

Microsoft has finally spilled the beans regarding information on the new dashboard update. The upcoming software promises increase audio quality in mic chat, alongside changing how you can browse your complete achievements easier.

Tired of the same old white/black/red/blue/green coloured controllers? Is your controller just not as aesthetically pleasing as it once was?  Well, prepare to be amazed, Microsoft is launching a matte silver controller with grey face buttons! Wait, what?

UPDATE: GameTrailers is showing the pre-show since the conference was delayed 30 minutes. Lookie here.

Not everyone gets to go to E3, but thanks to the internet you can live the experience vicariously through live streams. There are several places where you can watch Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference for free. GameSpot has their stream up with a constant countdown timer, G4 is handling the conference through UStream (and built in chat functionality) and finally Major Nelson seems to have an HD stream of the conference up for when it begins. As of right now the conference is scheduled for 10:30am PST, which is about 40 minutes from now. SO GET IN ON THIS QUICK!

Over the past year we’ve known Microsoft’s pursuits of the motion control idea manifest into a project named “Natal.” Today, a day before Microsoft’s E3 press conference, it has been revealed that Natal’s true name for the retail market will be “Kinect.” Along with this surprised announcement comes a plethora of news from USA Today including details of announced games for Microsoft’s Kinect:

Don’t know what TalkGames is? Read our description page.

E3 is just around the corner, and to suit up the TalkGames podcast takes a look over the list of exhibitors for the show. As we widdle our way down the enormous list we give impressions and thoughts about what games will be showed at E3 and if we’re interested in them or not. At the end of the show we also answer a few emails by talking about Red Dead, our PC specs, and Natal. Here are the show notes for the mammoth show:


You’re looking at a group of individuals having their faces rocked off by innovation and cutting edge technology. Here is a link to the video if this single screenshot is not enough for you, other than that… I don’t think any other comment is necessary. Other than: If this is how Microsoft expects me to use Natal I want nothing to do with that device or its future.

Edge is saying that according to a reliable source (who spilled the Gears of War 3 details a few months ago) is going for back-to-back accurate rumors. This time the latest word is that Project Natal will not only be out this October, but will be sold at a $149 dollar price point. It will also be packaged in with new Xbox 360s for $299, and there are a few other tid bits of information that should be noted.

For whatever reason, despite Lionhead’s attempts to get people involved with the on-going development of the highly anticipated Fable III, no one ever pays attention to the numerous developer diaries released by the company. Today Lionhead has released their second developer diary on the progress of Fable III. In this five minute clip you can see what the guys over in the UK are hard at work on as they continue to dedicate countless hours to what the next Molyneux game will be. Here’s the video:

Microsoft have stated they are currently investigating one of its own factories, due to reports of improper working conditions.

Yesterday, Microsoft (MSFT) filed a lawsuit against Datel, the British video game accessory manufacturer, accusing the company of illegally copying the official Xbox 360 game controller.

Microsoft stated that Datel’s “TurboFire” and “WildFire” wireless controllers infringed on a number of Microsoft patents. Consequently, the company is asking for an unspecified amount of compensatory damages for the profit Datel made from the sales and is also looking to get an injunction on the manufacturing of Datel’s 3rd party Xbox controllers.