Yesterday Warner Bros. announced that a brand new Mortal Kombat game will be coming in 2011 and is currently in development by NetherRealm Studios. Along with the announcement they released this incredibly brutal gameplay trailer that shows the series going back to its bloody 2-D roots.


Fallout: New Vegas has just unveiled a few new pre-order incentives for the masses! Currently these in-game items are only available in Northern America, but will be available soon worldwide through GameStop, Amazon, Steam, Walmart and Best Buy. Each pre-order pack is specific to various participating retailers and is as follows:


With all the craziness that is E3 you can certainly expect a ton of new exclusive trailers to be released, and this is only the tip of the iceberg. Mafia II has released its new “The Made Man” trailer featuring Vito, a World War II veteran struggling to make his way to the top of his local crime syndicate. So check out all the gritty Mafia goodness.

Looks like Gears of War 3 is continuing to fill its cast with celebrity rap and hip hop artists. Alongside the previously leaked information that Ice T would be appearing in the game has a character, the news is now that Drake will be playing a character named “Jace.” The press release explains the importance of the character to the story:

This week’s “Dude What” news goes to Rock Band 3’s announcement of “pro modes.” The series has long be striving for a way to branch out and get people to learn actual music with their games. Many people made jokes early in the thought process by saying “they should just make a button for each fret and string. Apparently Harmonix thought this was a great idea and went with it. This is also expanded onto the other instruments as well though:

Are you a big fan of Sonic Adventure? Or Crazy Taxi? Well you’re in luck, because today SEGA announced that the popular games from the Dreamcast era will be making their way to Xbox Live Arcade. The first two games to receive this treatment are the aforementioned Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi. These games will not just be emulations of the old games, but will in fact receive High Definition treatment, as well as other goodies such as surround sound support, leaderboards, and achievements.

(UPDATE — READ BOTTOM) This news article’s title is purposefully misleading. I’m afraid folks at home won’t be able to play the Dead Space 2 demo being shown at E3, but Electronic Arts is offering fans of the franchise to subscribe to a mailing list at their website. Doing this will ensure that exclusive E3 footage on the game will be emailed to those who are on the mailing list. Going to E3 is a big dream for virtually everyone who plays video games, but if you aren’t one of the lucky ones, this is practically the next best thing:

In a press release this morning it was announced that Square Enix will team up with Obsidian Entertainment (developers of Alpha Protocol and the upcoming Fallout: New Vegas) to work on Dungeon Siege 3, an action-rpg series originally developed by Gas Powered Games.

Don’t know what TalkGames is? Read our description page.

This week’s episode of the TalkGames podcast takes a heavy look at Alpha Protocol. Unlike the rest of the internet, all three co-hosts who played the game enjoyed it quite a bit, which lead to around thirty minutes of talking about it. We also talk about how criticism for Mario seems impossible to do without ridicule, and mention some wonderful Red Dead Redemption multiplayer adventures. Here are the show notes:


You’re looking at a group of individuals having their faces rocked off by innovation and cutting edge technology. Here is a link to the video if this single screenshot is not enough for you, other than that… I don’t think any other comment is necessary. Other than: If this is how Microsoft expects me to use Natal I want nothing to do with that device or its future.


The rumor mill is stirring yet again, and this time Mass Effect is in the mix. According to a recent job posting at the Electronic Arts website, BioWare is currently on the hunt for a new Multiplayer Programmer to “take existing single player user experiences and make them multiplayer safe”. What this means to their existing franchises are unclear, but tons of speculation is looking towards the possibility of Mass Effect 3 going the multiplayer route.

Hey folks! Just wanted to drop a quick news update and say that this week’s episode of the TalkGames podcast will be delayed or canceled. Due to prior arrangements and unusual circumstances I (Artie) was not able to record Saturday night. And today (Sunday) I’ll be getting on a plane to Los Angeles so today ain’t gonna be a recording day either. So if you want your fix of gaming-talk from three incompetent narcissists check the site around Tuesday morning or late night on Monday. Sorry for the inconvenience! We’ll see you soon.

This week’s “dude what” moment goes to F.E.A.R. 3’s new screenshots. For those unaware of the franchise, the universe has always had paranormal tendencies but overall the game had a strong foundation in the real world. You used tactics and strategy to take out your foes not magic abilities and enormous mech suits. There was a good balance between the two, and with F.E.A.R. 3 it seems obvious which design strand they went with (hint: THE RIDICULOUS ONE). Screenshots are at the bottom of this page.

News hit today relating to how the NFL is running their exclusive deals with 3rd party companies. The official news story is about clothing/hat companies and who gets to make the official NFL hats. American Needle Inc. claimed they were being excluded from buisness with the NFL due to an exclusive agreement between Reebok and the NFL. American Needle Inc. explained that the NFL is not one company, but a culmination of 32 different ones. The court agreed, effectively ending all exclusive agreements the NFL has, here’s where EA ties in:

Edge is saying that according to a reliable source (who spilled the Gears of War 3 details a few months ago) is going for back-to-back accurate rumors. This time the latest word is that Project Natal will not only be out this October, but will be sold at a $149 dollar price point. It will also be packaged in with new Xbox 360s for $299, and there are a few other tid bits of information that should be noted.