Codemasters released some pretty impressive “work-in-progress” gameplay footage of their newest IP, Bodycount, to show-off at this year’s E3. This pre-alpha build demonstrates their widely destructible and ever-changing environments, along with introducing their new “Psycho-Tank” AI who is a mini-gun wielding lunatic that will break down walls just to get at you. This will be the first game created by the team at Codemasters Studios Guildford who’s Creative Director, Stuart Black, is responsible for the award-winning 2006 shooter, Black. You may recognize this as an Xbox Originals title that was re-released to Xbox Live back in 2008.


We’ve recently gotten a hold of a few new Mafia II screens that give a slight glimpse at the game’s HUD and cover-system. If you’ve seen the latest E3 Trailer then you’ll know how far improved the game looks than it’s predecessor. That’s all thanks to 2K Czech’s brand new Illusion Engine that was built from the ground-up, specifically for Mafia II. Don’t forget to keep checking back regularly for more details. We’ll soon be posting a preview of the game with everything that we saw, coming straight from E3.

Square Enix has recently unveiled Mindjack, an all-new futuristic action (online) shooter created by renowned Japanese developer Feelplus Inc. The game is set in the year 2031 and you assume the role of a “Mind Hacker” who has the ability to control almost anyone or anything within your reach. The announcement came with a few screenshots and an interesting looking trailer, but as of now the details are a bit scarce. It’s said to feature an online cooperative and versus gameplay elements, but exactly how those will work remains to be unclear. The game releases this October, so hopefully we’ll be able to find out more before then.


Now that the crazy week of E3 is finally over, it’s time to play a bit of catch-up on all the brand new assets that have been flooding in over here. This new single-player trailer for Medal of Honor introduces you to the group of Tier 1 Operators you’ll come to know quite well throughout the campaign. Throughout development of the game, EALA has been working closely with real-life Tier 1 Operators from the U.S. Special Operations Community to stay true to the authentic modern war experience.

This hilarious new video shows off the “Cash Me If You Can” minigame in Capcom’s latest zombie mash-up. This is only one of the many new mini-challenges that will be present in Dead Rising 2. So if you get tired from all the zombie-slaying you can jump in the Cash Grabber and earn a few extra bucks. Not to mention, gather a crowd of zombies to cheer you on.

Ubisoft has delivered a few new screenshots showing off their latest in the Ghost Recon series. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier takes the series to a whole new level when it comes to weapons and technology. Experts in every area of combat, the elite Ghost Recon have the latest in high-tech weaponry that are inspired by actual military prototypes. Personal mortars capable of firing multiple guided rockets, an ability enhancing exoskeleton to boost strength, endurance and agility, and even a baffling new optical camouflage are just a few of the new gadgets featured in this futuristic shooter.


I’m sure most of you who have been following our E3 coverage of Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood have already seen the Official E3 Trailer and Multiplayer Trailer, but that’s not everything Ubisoft has in store for you. They’ve also just released a single-player walkthrough video with details on the campaign and Ezio’s involvement in the ongoing struggle between the Brotherhood and the Templar Order. The campaign will also include a lot more involvement with horses this time around by playing more of a major role in free roaming and mission sequences. The video also reveals a few new additions to the combat system that reward the player for executing a more preemptive attack, as well as a few flashy new moves. Everything that this game has been showing has been getting me pretty excited for its impending release. November 16th here I come!


BioWare has recently announced the release of a brand new Mass Effect 2 add-on, “Overlord”, which is available now for 560 MS Points. They’ve also released a trailer and a few new screens to go along with the new content, which showcases five brand new areas for players to explore and two new achievements. The trailer details “Project Overlord”, a plan to gain influence over the Geth by combining a human mind with a Virtual Intelligence (VI). The new DLC sounds like a pretty interesting new addition and the price doesn’t seem half-bad either. Once all this E3 madness cools down I may have to go ahead and pick this one up, because lord knows I could use some more Mass Effect 2 in my life.


This time Firefight is not messing around. New game types, online matchmaking, player commendations, challenges and rewards are all there, no holds barred. Plus an incredible amount of customizable game options to let you create and share all those crazy new experiences you’ll be having once Halo: Reach drops on September 14th.

The new Firefight will also include all the new armour abilities, loadouts, new weapons, enemies and vehicles to play around with in the Halo: Reach sandbox environment. We also got a hold of a ton of new screenshots featuring the two new Firefight maps, Waterfront and Beachhead, that they’ve been showing off at E3. Firefight is sure to be one hell of a good time, I can tell you that much.


As promised, here’s the newest eye candy from Visceral Games’ latest action-horror epic. Dead Space 2 looks to be one of the most highly acclaimed games at this years E3, and from the looks of this trailer there’s no wonder why. Isaac Clarke awakens to find himself in a new dark and mysterious location surrounded by a Necromorph invasion. The audio and visuals seem to have taken a leap skyward, as you can tell from the pure intensity of this video. I’ll most definitely be counting down the days until its release on January 25th (Jan. 28th in Europe).


EA recently released a new trailer announcing the multiplayer expansion pack for Battlefield: Bad Company 2, which will bring players to the widespread jungles of Vietnam. The gameplay will surely be familiar to veterans of the franchise, but will bring a host of new weapons and vehicles as you take sides as either the U.S. Marines or North Vietnamese Army. The new expansion will also add enhanced persistence, new unlocks, awards, and achievement. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam will be available for download this winter 2010


Eminem put on one hell of a show at the Activision press conference the other day, and along with that they’ve released a new Black Ops remix trailer featuring a song from his upcoming album “Recovery”. The song, entitled, “Won’t Back Down” features a duet with Pink and is leading the way for a pretty hefty Call of Duty: Black Ops promotional campaign. The song is actually pretty good, but I’m far more interested in seeing what Black Ops will really bring to the table in this much anticipated franchise.


For those who are curious about exactly how the multiplayer in Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood will work, just check out this new video. It’s a fairly detailed walkthrough of the “Wanted” game mode that gives you the objective of assassinating assigned targets, but you’re also on the lookout for other assassin’s who are trying to kill you. It’s not too clear on whether the other assassin’s are other human players or just random AI, but it looks like a player wins the match by gaining the most points for killing the most targets.


Ubisoft has officially announced their development of a Michael Jackson video game that will be fully Kinect-capable. This game will allow you to re-live his most iconic performances step-by-step and feel like the “King of Pop” himself. It will also feature plenty of tracks from his extensive catalog such as “Beat It” and “Billie Jean”. Not only will this game let you execute a ton of Jacksons’ dance moves, but you’ll be able to sing along as well.


A load of brand new Dead Rising 2 screenshots dropped on our digital doorstep, and of course we’re here to spread the wealth. Dead Rising 2 will be available in the US on August 31st and September 3rd in the UK, so be sure to mark your calendars and keep checking back often. We’ll be sure to have plenty more to keep you occupied until then.