We at talkxbox have recently attained a Bulletstorm developer diary shown by none other than Cliff Bleszinski, and boy, are we happy. Throughout the video Cliff relishes the immature yet side splitting hilarity of the game, along with demonstrating some of the unique ‘skill kills’ players will be encouraged to pull off.

You all remember the intensity in Call of Duty 4’s sniper mission, right? Lining up a shot whilst considering wind speed and recoil really made us feel like expert marksmen, which is exactly what Sniper: Ghost Warrior intends to do. And lucky us, we have a launch trailer to show us the cool stuff as the game hits store shelves.

The aerial space combat simulator Darkstar One – Broken Alliance has gone gold, meaning you can expect North American release on July 20. The game features thrilling deep space adventure, and players will progress along a deep storyline spanning the width of the galaxy. And with a fully customisable spaceship at your disposal, get ready to kick some serious outer space butt.

Following suit from Netflix, The Sky Player, and Zune, Hulu Plus is the new feature making its way to our Xbox 360 dashboards. Hulu, the popular video streaming service, have announced Hulu ‘Plus,’ a subscription based ‘deluxe edition,’ enabling customers to stream full series, both old and new. Better yet, this feature is coming to Xbox Live alongside the Playstation Network. This will enable folks to stream favourite episodes right from the Xbox 360, on demand.

Valve has recently released two more Portal 2 demonstration videos, revealing some of the new puzzles and environmental manipulation that will be present in the next entry of the series.  Both videos show two complex puzzle rooms, in which daring intellect is rewarded with success.

You all remember Peter Molyneux’s brainchild right? The little British boy in orange who captivated our hearts and minds at last years E3? (ha.) Well due to some misinterpreted mumbo-jumbo, Aaron Greenberg stated that Milo was purely a tech demo, and Microsoft had no intention of bringing it as a ‘video game’ to market. Shortly thereafter, Greenberg has revoked his claim, and indeed confirming the release of Milo to the market.

Those interested in the Kinect motion controller will likely be interested in the full specification and requirements of said device. Thanks to the Play.com listing, we have a large list of the technical aspects which have enabled the camera to come to fruition. So without further ado, here they are:

Slow news day means time to post YouTube videos of overly-enthusiastic video game fans. Such as this young man Kevin, who apparently is very excited for Gears of War 3. He shows off his excitement within four minutes and twelve seconds of unadulterated enjoyment of doing his best “FRAG OUT” impression whilst playing with Gears of War action figures. It’s certainly a treat to watch:

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Another week goes by which means another episode of TalkGames has been made. This week is full of GAMES TALK, but not necessarily new releases. After all it is the week post-E3 so almost nothing has been going on, and it’s probably better that way. Although we did get our hands on a few upcoming releases including Crackdown 2, and Raven Software’s Singularity. If you like hearing about Ps1 and N64 games, this is the podcast for you:


The news that nobody wanted to hear, so they announced it quietly through the website: Kinect is $149 dollars. We’re gonna go ahead and assume this isn’t speculation or a mishap since this information is coming from Microsoft’s own website, and that pre-ordering the item does in fact work. This isn’t some item that’s up for sale before it’s supposed to, true as the blue sky… $149 is the price.

For those who missed it, a Saw video game was made early last October in 2009. The game was alright, but it was pretty close to being something really worth playing. Apparently the developer Zombie Studios and publisher Konami recognized this and decided to give the game a sequel. I’m assuming the sequel will include puzzle elements mixed with horrific imagery for every Saw fan to enjoy. For now, here’s some screenshots featuring nails in a dude’s arm:

Imagine you weren’t restricted to constraints of the human body and could simply rip your limbs off whenever you felt like it. That seems to be the pitch for Konami’s recently announced “NeverDead.” We don’t have any information on what this game is about, but if the screenshots are to believed, it seems that you’ll be spending a lot of time detaching your limbs and rearranging them in ways that fit your current situation. Kind of like a modern day, moody looking Ray-Man. Have a look for yourself, because I’m already sold:

Jimmy Fallon is continuing to be relevant to the gaming industry by getting on the developers at Treyarch to show off Call of Duty: Black Ops live on his show tomorrow night. Fallon’s show was also the place where Kinect was first shown on television back when it was known as Natal, and also had Cliff Bleszinski for an interview talking about Epic Games and Gears of War 3. Treyarch’s appearance will either be the revealment of something big, or just a testament to Fallon’s geekiness. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon airs tomorrow at 12:30am EST.

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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH So much E3 madness it can’t be contained in a singular podcast, it has to be split between eight co-hosts and three parts! Listen to the extravaganza that is E3 as we go over the press conferences, make fun of Konami, and finally go over every game that I (Artie) saw at the show. XCOM! DEUS EX! THE 3DS! So many other things. Here are the shortened show notes with no timestamps because I never have enough time to figure them all our for this four hour madness:



One of our most highly anticipated here at TalkXbox. The new world of XCOM takes this strategy franchise into a completely re-imagined first-person shooter realm. This incredible and enigmatic E3 trailer takes a dark look at this new game spawned by the creators of the BioShock series. Don’t forget to take a look at our E3 Preview of XCOM for more information and check back often for continuous updates on this new IP from 2K Marin.