High Moon Studios have been hard at work on a brand-new downloadable content pack to be released next week to the ever-expanding community that’s building under Transformers: War for Cybertron. The new DLC will include two new characters, Scattershot and Onslaught, who will be playable in Escalation mode and have chassis available in traditional multiplayer. Three characters who were previously retail-exclusives, Shockwave, Demolishor and Jazz, will also be available in the aforementioned modes as well, along with the addition of four new maps. Be sure to check out the screenshots and trailer to see these new characters in action.


Ever wanted to know the inner-workings of the man behind the Vault Boy? Obsidian’s latest “Inside the Vault” developer interview features none other than the creator himself, Brian Menze. Here he explains the details on what it’s like to work at Obsidian, tips on breaking into the industry and info about the many other games he’s had the pleasure of working on.


If you’re anything like me, then you remember that somber moment in Red Dead Redemption when you just cross the river for the first time, jump on your horse, and realize you’ve still got a long ways to go to get your revenge. Jose Gonzalez and his eerily soothing voice suited that moment perfectly with his song “Far Away”, which invaded your ears at just the right second. Gonzalez did a live performance of this song earlier this summer on the rooftops of the Rockstar offices, and lucky for us, it was all caught on film.


It’s been announced that DJ Qbert will be the newest addition to the crew in DJ Hero 2. The San Francisco native who’s been claimed to have “revolutionized turntablism” and has been crowned king in many world championship competitions, will be featuring two all-new mixes to accompany the game’s already impressive soundtrack. “As a pioneer of his craft, DJ Qbert’s one-of-a-kind scratch and battle skills made him an amazing partner and prefect [sic] representative of DJ Hero 2’s new multiplayer modes, especially the unique DJ vs. DJ battle mixes,” said Tim Riley, Vice President of Music Affairs, Activision. “We’re bringing together the biggest and best DJ’s from around the globe, having already announced Deadmau5 and David Guetta as part of our incredibly talented crew, and having DJ Qbert cut up records in his signature style will help us put an indelible stamp on the DJ Hero 2 soundtrack.”


2K Sports has recently revealed “The Jordan Challenge”, an all-new game mode in NBA 2K11 that will allow you to relive 10 of the greatest moments in Jordan’s legendary career. Fans of the series can take part in Michael’s “self-described greatest game by torching the Cavaliers by 69 points in March of 1990″, as well as play as some of the greatest teams in NBA history, including many of the championship rosters from the Chicago Bulls franchise. After his announcement as being the games cover athlete it’s no surprise that 2k Sports decided to make use of his persona in-game and, according to Jason Argent of 2K Sports, “there’s still a lot more to come”.

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This week’s podcast is full of new releases and our listener’s emails. Alien Swarm, Limbo, and Medal of Honor just to name a few of the games we talked about. We of course always welcome listener emails, and this week we answer what our favorite type of music/band is as well as detail our thoughts on downloadable distribution, and our favorite games of all time. Also we talked about Mass Effect 2 again. Here’s the show notes:


Lionhead Audio Tech Master Georg Becker has recently announced some interesting voice stats for the upcoming title, Fable 3. Becker stated that Fable 3 will feature 47 hours of speech, belonging to 80 actors, speaking over 460,000 words. That’s over 10 hours more than Fable 2, hopefully providing quality conversations and interesting dialogue.

According to a recent post on the Sega forums, Alien vs. Predator will not be receiving any patch support in the near future. The post came from ‘Clumsyorchid,’ a forum administrator; and it details the means in how he found this out.

Huh? Kotaku is reporting that despite the usual tactic of retail pricing– Medal of Honor’s Limited Edition will cost the same amount as the regular edition, which leaves me saying “Dude what?” Why? Why would it be cheaper? Does that mean the regular version could be $50 dollars? Why don’t they do that? Who wouldn’t get the limited edition? Why not just make the limited edition the regular edition? Does this please their quarterly figures? What is this I don’t even.

That’s right, a beautiful image consisting of all achievement images in Halo: Reach has recently hit the web. Look at them sitting in their glorious cartoon style, just waiting to be unlocked. Seriously though, Bungie have decided to release a jpeg of all the achievement symbols in the game, without the full corresponding points and requirement list. Somehow Bungie have created a ‘guessing game,’ which is sure to occupy fans and warrant pre-orders for some time.

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TalkGames goes elementary on this podcast as the cast learns how to pronounce words like “anonymity” as well as other wonderful vocabulary including lethargic, and destitute. When we’re not learning word pronunciation we’re talking about the wonderful games we’ve been playing and news we’ve been hearing. Recent releases such as Ancients of Ooga, and Lego Harry Potter, as well as older titles including Darksiders and Ultima VI. Here are the show notes:


The folks over at Capcom have recently set up a new website, featuring all things Dead Rising 2. In an attempt to satisfy even the most information-hungry mongrels, they have insider looks and and blog you can follow over at www.tapeitordie.com.  Along with this, they have released the final box art image for the game, just so you recognise what to look for when frantically searching through store shelves.

Rockstar Games have recently announced plans to release four additional packs of DLC for the hit western themed game, Red Dead Redemption. The first will be at the beginning of August 2010, with the last being released this autumn. The packs will be released onto both the Xbox Live Marketplace, along with the Playstation Network.

Frequent readers of TalkXbox may be aware of the Two Worlds II contest that we mentioned a short time ago. Well we weren’t the only website participating in the contest, and after several weeks and hundreds of submissions Topware has finally nailed down the five winners who will receive a free copy of Two Worlds II on release date. The winners are from multiple sites but unfortunately it doesn’t seem like any of our readers won:

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This podcast is so full of content that it had to be split into two parts. We talked about a huge amount of older games thanks to Tanooki being late to the party about everything and the Steam sale going on right now. However, the second half that is being posted right now is all about a few articles that were released over the past few days that have to do with the importance of cutscenes in video games, how death is handled, and the ability to kill buffalo, take a look: