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E3 is just around the corner, and to suit up the TalkGames podcast takes a look over the list of exhibitors for the show. As we widdle our way down the enormous list we give impressions and thoughts about what games will be showed at E3 and [...]

With all the craziness that is E3 you can certainly expect a ton of new exclusive trailers to be released, and this is only the tip of the iceberg. Mafia II has released its new “The Made Man” trailer featuring Vito, a World War II veteran struggling to make his way to the top of [...]

Looks like Gears of War 3 is continuing to fill its cast with celebrity rap and hip hop artists. Alongside the previously leaked information that Ice T would be appearing in the game has a character, the news is now that Drake will be playing a character named “Jace.” The press release explains the importance [...]

This week’s “Dude What” news goes to Rock Band 3’s announcement of “pro modes.” The series has long be striving for a way to branch out and get people to learn actual music with their games. Many people made jokes early in the thought process by saying “they should just make a button for each [...]

(UPDATE — READ BOTTOM) This news article’s title is purposefully misleading. I’m afraid folks at home won’t be able to play the Dead Space 2 demo being shown at E3, but Electronic Arts is offering fans of the franchise to subscribe to a mailing list at their website. Doing this will ensure that exclusive E3 [...]

Edge is saying that according to a reliable source (who spilled the Gears of War 3 details a few months ago) is going for back-to-back accurate rumors. This time the latest word is that Project Natal will not only be out this October, but will be sold at a $149 dollar price point. It will [...]

Alan Wake, the first game from developer Remedy Entertainment since 2003’s Max Payne 2, has quite a lineage to live up to.  Whenever a game under development experiences the level of delays that Alan Wake has, there is always a level of expectation of what the final product will be.  After five years of development, [...]

To say the Halo franchise sells is like telling your friend that being stabbed is painful.  For nearly a decade, Bungie’s hit shooter series has become synonymous with the Xbox name.  As you may recall in 2007, a multiplayer beta for Halo 3 was released with the open world action game, Crackdown.  At the time, [...]

It’s a sad state of affairs for the skating genre when a brand new game like skate 3 is released and the only thought in my mind whilst playing is “This still isn’t better than Tony Hawk 3.” Although the last universally acclaimed skateboarding game was released almost a decade ago; developers today haven’t been [...]

The next installment to Electronic Arts’ establish skate series is now out for your buying and playing pleasure. The developer decided to celebrate the event by releasing a launch trailer for the game. If you like skating in real life as well as video games this wonderful trailer should both excite you and hype you [...]

Ever since Hironobu Sakaguchi left Square Enix to form his own development studio, he has been a strong supporter of the Xbox 360.  According to comment made to Famitsu in a recent interview Sakaguchi is still rallying around the 360, proclaiming that he expects the news surrounding the console will be a big deal.

If you’re a fan of Capcom’s Verses series, then you were probably ecstatic when the news and trailer for Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 was revealed.  But aside from the inclusion of Chris Redfield in the trailer, many were wondering who else would the game feature.

Man, doesn’t this skater look like he’s having a good time? I mean he’s doing a kickflip, coach frank is helping him out, there’s a lovely watermark in the lower left hand corner I couldn’t remove. Looks like a boatload of fun to me. But if you don’t believe me you can watch this stellar [...]

Skate 3 is coming out next week, and to let everyone know Electronic Arts has released a TV commercial for the game. So starting sometime next week during the launch of the game, you should be seeing this odd video on your television. For some reason I get an odd Braveheart-vibe from the commercial. These [...]

Every day I come into work and I cross off another day on my Marvel Superheroes calendar (this month is The Thing from the Fantastic Four). Like most people, there are always dates I need to remember that are circled and with notes on them: weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc., etc. When I came in today [...]

After a lot of teasing and rumors relating to this big reveal, Gears of War 3 Trailer has finally hit the web. With Cliff Bleszinski’s appearance on The Late Show he brought a wonderful little trailer about Epic Games’ upcoming 3rd installment to the Gears of War franchise. You don’t care what I think though, [...]

Those of you thinking the skate series are dead wrong. Not only was skate 3 revealed a few weeks ago, but we also have some screenshots to show you guys. Stellar images featuring people on skateboards, people doing tricks on skateboards, and making places where you can see people on skateboards.

Microsoft have informed us that Alan Wake will be hitting stores across Europe on Friday 14th May. Yes, that’s a full week ahead of its original release date.

Mark your calendars, pop an ollie, and feed your dog – Skate, Skate 3, and skating fans can get their grind on come April 15th, nearly a month before the game hits stores. The demo will take you through the University District of Port Caverton, a presumable skaters paradise that’s just asking to be grinded. [...]

In a way, the Two Worlds franchise is similar to a star child actor. Child actors are often very popular when they first start out, but whenever they try to change their appearance the audience isn’t always so accepting. Such is the case with Two Worlds 2. The first game was universally known for being [...]