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This week’s episode of the TalkGames podcast gets a visit from the other side of the industry. Jake DiGennaro from TopWare Interactive sat in during the show today to talk to us about Two Worlds 2, in addition to sticking with the rest of the show and hanging out. The result being a clash of information, nonsense, and news discussion. Here are the show notes:

Jake DiGennaro from TopWare is on the show today (00:00). Community questions about Two Worlds 2 (02:20), Quick News: Blur, Halo: Reach, and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (22:20), Blur Multiplayer Beta (28:55), skate 3 demo (35:30), Just Cause 2 (39:30), Lost Planet 2 Multiplayer Demo (46:25), Left4Dead 2 DLC (50:45), The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom (1:00:30), Breath of Death VII: The Beginning (1:07:00), Sam and Max: Season 3 (1:10:00) Break.

Back again for news (1:17:00), Ubisoft removes game manuals from their releases (1:17:50), Capcom DRM in PSN title (1:26:00), Bethesda drops Interplay lawsuit (1:42:20), and that’s it for this week!

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