The boys and girls at Bungie have now released a whole load of details about the game on their website. Obviously bored with drip-feeding us information, they decided to fully open the valve, drowning us in golden Halo goodness.  Odd metaphors aside, the website lists a large quantity of changes and tweaks they have made, in an attempt to better the multiplayer experience.

One of the most dramatic changes Bungie have made lies within the differences of gameplay between Spartans and Elites.

According to Bungie:

“Elites are bigger, they’re faster, and they boast better shield technology than their Spartan counterparts. To drive the first point home – the size difference — we’ve prepped a side-by-side comparison so you can see just how pronounced the physical changes really are.”

Damn, that's a big difference.

“Unlike Spartans, their health is not limited to recharging in thirds as their vitality is whittled away in stages, but will recharge fully without even the need for a health pack. Their health also recharges faster, as do their shields. Significantly faster.”

“So, how are we going to work them into multiplayer? Well, in a number of ways. In some circumstances, like Arena, you’ll only square off Spartan vs. Spartan or Elite vs. Elite. In others, well…stay tuned.”

You can read the full list of updates on the news page.

  • knee guards :/

  • Xenorazr

    Glad to see they're switching things up. Now what will the Spartan's upper hand be?

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