Regardless of success worldwide, Kinect suffered a less than rosy reception at its release in Japan last weekend. Microsoft was only able to shift 26,000 units, only slight contributing to its overall million plus sales. According to Media Create, that is both bundled with 360’s and individual.

According to UBM TechInsights, Microsoft’s brainchild Kinect has had an estimated $56 manufacturing cost per unit. You have UBMs teardown research to thank for this, as after strip searching the glorified eye-toy in depth, they came up with a base cost for all of the materials used.

Microsoft has finally spilled the beans regarding information on the new dashboard update. The upcoming software promises increase audio quality in mic chat, alongside changing how you can browse your complete achievements easier.

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This week’s podcast is full of new releases and our listener’s emails. Alien Swarm, Limbo, and Medal of Honor just to name a few of the games we talked about. We of course always welcome listener emails, and this week we answer what our favorite type of [...]

Those interested in the Kinect motion controller will likely be interested in the full specification and requirements of said device. Thanks to the listing, we have a large list of the technical aspects which have enabled the camera to come to fruition. So without further ado, here they are:

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Another week goes by which means another episode of TalkGames has been made. This week is full of GAMES TALK, but not necessarily new releases. After all it is the week post-E3 so almost nothing has been going on, and it’s probably better that way. Although [...]

The news that nobody wanted to hear, so they announced it quietly through the website: Kinect is $149 dollars. We’re gonna go ahead and assume this isn’t speculation or a mishap since this information is coming from Microsoft’s own website, and that pre-ordering the item does in fact work. This isn’t some item that’s up [...]

Jimmy Fallon is continuing to be relevant to the gaming industry by getting on the developers at Treyarch to show off Call of Duty: Black Ops live on his show tomorrow night. Fallon’s show was also the place where Kinect was first shown on television back when it was known as Natal, and also had [...]

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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH So much E3 madness it can’t be contained in a singular podcast, it has to be split between eight co-hosts and three parts! Listen to the extravaganza that is E3 as we go over the press conferences, make fun of Konami, and finally go over every [...]

Ubisoft has officially announced their development of a Michael Jackson video game that will be fully Kinect-capable. This game will allow you to re-live his most iconic performances step-by-step and feel like the “King of Pop” himself. It will also feature plenty of tracks from his extensive catalog such as “Beat It” and “Billie Jean”. [...]

Yesterday kicked off possibly one of the most historic gaming events we’ve seen in recent years. The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is the biggest annual event in the video game industry and for 2010 it is aiming to surpass new boundaries. With the competition so fierce between Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, they’ve always got something [...]

Watching the Microsoft Press Conference, with all the Kinect voice activation, got me thinking about what other commands they should have available for the device. I mean if this is future tech, we’re going to have to start thinking about future abilities right? Anyway, here’s what Kinect should have installed come this November, some are [...]

Microsoft just finished up their huge Kinect section of the press conference. After showing a bunch of games (shown below) they announced that Kinect will be launching November 4th 2010 with 15 unique games. There were a few games shown off, but more importantly there was a bunch of nuances about the device itself that [...]

Last time around we had Netflix, and this year it’s ESPN. If you’re a big sports fan then this information probably is going to make you crap yourself. ESPN will apparently be free for any Gold Member of Xbox Live. Which means you get infinite amount of previous sports games, World Cup, Basketball finals, and [...]

Over the past year we’ve known Microsoft’s pursuits of the motion control idea manifest into a project named “Natal.” Today, a day before Microsoft’s E3 press conference, it has been revealed that Natal’s true name for the retail market will be “Kinect.” Along with this surprised announcement comes a plethora of news from USA Today [...]