According to a (removed) listing on GameStop’s website, Gears of War Ultimate will be hitting shelves come February, and it’s rumoured it will contain both of the esteemed games, alongside a complete set of DLC.

Following on from the fairly successful map unlock experiment that had players of Battlefield 1943 trying to gain a number of kills to unlock a free multiplayer map; DICE have created a challenge for the Battlefield: Bad Company 2, this time revolving around ‘team actions.’ And now, we have the results.

I have no idea what to say about this, other than the next Elder Scrolls game has been announced and dated, 11-11-11. You should be sold by now. Still, you can watch this trailer if your interest is peaked:

It’s a big trailer day today, following on from the Spike TV Video Game Awards. What’s next on the list? Prototype 2. This time, you play as Sergeant James Helen, a ‘retired’ soldier hell bent on bringing Alex Mercer to justice. This time, it really is personal.

It’s been under a year since Mass Effect 2 was released, and yet the sequel already has a trailer. That’s alright it my books though, because it looks really bloody cool.

Michael “Shagg” Washington, singer with Cypress Hill, has publicly announced his disbelief at Rockstar. I hear you asking me why. Well, he believes that Carl Johnson, A.K.A CJ from GTA: San Andreas was completely modelled from his likeness.

If you’re into mediocre console RTS’s, today is a good day for you. 343 Industries have announced that they have cancelled alleged plans to throw out Halo Wars stat tracking and leaderboards.

According to a very recent report by Research and Markets, the US video game market is currently estimated to have a value of 7 Billion Dollars.

If you haven’t already been sold by the news title then you have no heart. Joking aside, Lucasarts have announced plans to release additional Star Wars avatar items on the Xbox Live Marketplace, to somewhat coincide* with the release of The Force Unleashed 2. This includes the ability to purchase your very own Ewok as an Avatar pet.

Anybody who knows anything about games may remember Dead Space, a survival horror game by EA that was a cross between Resident Evil and Doom 3. The game recieved critical acclaim, encouraging the developers to create a sequel. And guess what? The demo is out in two weeks.

Regardless of success worldwide, Kinect suffered a less than rosy reception at its release in Japan last weekend. Microsoft was only able to shift 26,000 units, only slight contributing to its overall million plus sales. According to Media Create, that is both bundled with 360’s and individual.

If you’re fanatical about creepy-crawlies then:

a.)    What the hell is wrong with you?


b.)    Check out the XBLA deals of the week!

That’s right, puzzle/platformer Swarm is soon to be released for both XBLA and PSN. Hell, any image depicting a small blue creature holding a makeshift pickaxe gets my vote!

Currently the most anticipated release of 2011, the more news we receive about Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the more our excitement increases. The newest trailer is dedicated to presenting a few of the upcoming skill sets and augmented abilities for you to choose from, as well as highlighting some of the key gameplay, like a third person cover system.

Need gifts in preparation for Christmas? Have only a little cash to cover everyone you know? Well, Amazon has bailed you out, with a few deals that are too good to miss! Check them out below:

According to UBM TechInsights, Microsoft’s brainchild Kinect has had an estimated $56 manufacturing cost per unit. You have UBMs teardown research to thank for this, as after strip searching the glorified eye-toy in depth, they came up with a base cost for all of the materials used.

It seems that Call of Duty: Black Ops has ruffled some feathers within Cuba. During the games section where you play through fictional missions based around the 1960 Cold War, you are tasked with assassinating Fidel Castro, the First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba.

You can bet your bottom dollar that after seeing this exorcist style Fallout bug, it’ll be relatively hard to ‘unsee’ it. Upon starting a new character in New Vegas, the player is shocked to find that every player in his universe sports a rather boneless neck. As humorous as this, it’s quite sad to think this excellent game is marred with frightful bugs, as the owner of the video states, THE FIRST THING THAT HAPPENS IS BROKEN!

An internet artist who goes by the name of ‘chikinrise’ has devised a very clever piece of cartoon artwork fusing together his love Dragon Age: Origins, and Mass Effect 2. Shepard is sporting some very nicely futuristic Blood Dragon Armour, alongside cartoonish renditions of Tali and Garrus.

The critically acclaimed F.E.A.R series is to receive its new entry in March of next year. The co-op focused adventure will be making headway to store shelves come Q1 of next year. Very little of the actual gameplay has been shown; however you can view pretty interesting live action trailers for it if you feel so inclined.